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I’m spending more time onĀ tanglad.tumblr.com. And I’m looking for fellow Pinoy kasamas on tumblr. Mag-hello naman kayo.


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Not mine. The blog’s.

I totally missed the first blog-anniversary, in fact, since Tanglad was born in April 2008. It’s been a cool year. I look back at what I previously wrote. Some of it, I’m happy about. Some of it makes me cringe.

But I’m happy that I’m writing and thinking. I’m happy to be in conversation with people who are helping me struggle through these issues. Salamat for all that.

Some people stumbled onto this blog googling for lemongrass and tanglad, but there are also searches for feminism, capitalism, women of color, export processing zones. Then there are other interesting and recurrent search terms, like:

  • “Is militant angeleno filipino?” [My answer: I don’t know.]

And some disturbing ones, like “killing [racial slur]” Wtf? Why would a search like that land here?

And some funny/puzzling ones:

  • throwing knives events
  • gay boots
  • fake vasectomy certificate

I wonder what searches are coming.

What’s been your most amusing or surprising search term?

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